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Training Tips

Your goal on race day is simple run a 5KM (or 3KM or even 1KM) course. Throw in some obstacles based on everyday challenges our courageous first responders have to deal with and it’s basically a walk in the park!

We want you to have the best time on September 29th, 2018 as you complete the obstacle course. No matter your fitness level, this race is about joining your community and making a difference.

Each obstacle is designed to give you a taste of what a first responder may go through while on the job. If our first responders didn’t get to conquering their obstacles overnight, we definitely can’t expect the same of you! While our obstacles are as family friendly as possible, a little practice goes a long way in helping you put your (running shoe clad) foot forward.

Check out the official Brave T.O. Training Tips to get you started!

Hydration is key!
Water is the best thing you can put in your body are you drinking enough? Health experts often recommend drinking two to three litres of water per day, but if you’re outside often and exercising more than usual, you should be drinking more. A good habit is to find a water bottle that you like and carry it around with you everywhere. You can mark it with time-oriented goals or even set timers or alerts on your phone. Nothing will help you set a routine like your phone screaming at you. There are also many apps that will remind you throughout the day to get your H2O fix!

Make healthier food options
When you’re exercising, you need to replenish your body with proper nutrients and minerals; it doesn’t hurt that they taste delicious this time of year! Make sure you’re also eating plenty of whole grain carbohydrates and lean protein. Lastly, make sure you’re not skipping a hearty breakfast on race day! It’s important to eat lots of carbs so you’re body has energy to run, climb, carry, and swing, just ensure you leave enough time to digest!

Start your cardio training.
You don’t have to run an entire 5KM right off the bat. Start with running 1KM in intervals and add a little more each week. Run or jog for 15 seconds, then walk for 45 seconds. Training in intervals will help you build aerobic stamina which is so important for a long distance race. Do this 3-4 times a week. Don’t run too much too soon.

Start your workout with a walking warm-up of five minutes to prepare your body for the run. Finish with a walking cool down to bring your body back to rest. Don’t forget to stretch and work out all your kinks to avoid pulling any muscles.

If you start your training two months before race day, do this every week and add an extra half a kilometer (0.5 KM) each week to your training. This will help build your stamina.

Mix up your training routine
Try adding something different to your cardio workout each week! Get outside and make use of everything the great outdoors has to offer whether it is by running on the boardwalk at the beach, making use of the sports fields, tennis courts, outdoor fitness equipment, bike trails, and more! Make use of the monkey bars at a park, practice your balance, climbing abilities, or try weighted sprints. The more variety you incorporate into your fitness routine, the better prepared you’ll be to tackle the obstacles.

Train with a team
A team environment is a great alternative for solo competitors or first-timers to foster a positive mindset and leave you feeling more confident come race day. Don’t have a team for Canadian Tire Brave T.O. yet? Get your friends, family or coworkers involved! With five different race waves, there are challenges for participants of ALL fitness levels! Obstacle races aren’t meant to be super competitive, they are a great way to challenge and test your own mental and physical capabilities. Teammates are a great source of motivation on days when you lack the energy to train, and on race day when you think you can’t hurdle that last wall or pull that giant tire. Your teammates will be there to show you that you CAN!

Dress the part
Finding the motivation to train can be hard even impossible after a long day when you would perhaps much rather have a Netflix marathon or take a well deserving nap. However, what you wear has a huge impact on your motivation levels. The first step is putting on the right outfit moisture wicking materials work best and a great pair of running shoes will help you put your best foot forward.

The night before race day
Get plenty of rest. A good night’s sleep is key to giving your body time to be energized. Eat a healthy meal and lay out all your clothing and running snacks before bed.

Eat a healthy and high in energy breakfast. Get to your wave start a little early to ensure you’re registered and set up with your race kit and bib in a timely manner. Stretch, high five your fellow racers and get ready. Time to run!