Brave T.O. Fundraising Tips

Did you know you can race for only $1 when you raise the fundraising minimum? You don’t have to be a savvy salesperson in order to reach your fundraising goals. Simply asking for friends and family for donation can get you to your goal, but the following tips will really help push above and beyond and set you up for future fundraising success!

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1)     Set a Fundraising Goal

Depending on when you registered for Canadian Tire Brave T.O. you will have a minimum fundraising goal that you need to meet in order to race for only $1. This is a great starting goal, but if you find it too easy to raise this amount - double it! If you registered for Brave T.O. with a group you can determine a goal that you want to reach together. Perhaps it’s your minimum fundraising goal added together, or maybe it’s $100 dollars per person. If you have 10 teammates that’s already a $1,000 goal! What starts off seeming like a big feat, can be easily conquered when you break it down into smaller parts. 


2)    Personalize Your Participant Centre

Upon registering for Brave T.O., you will get access to a customizable Participant Centre, which will be your home base for communication with donors, friends and family. In your Participant Centre, you can find your Personal Page or Team Page where you can customize your page’s name, URL, add images and text. You can also keep track of your progress and latest donations, any achievements you’ve made, and share all of your latest updates through social media or by email. The best way to fundraise is to make it personal, use your page to tell a story or thank all of your donors and your efforts will really shine through!


3)    Break Down The Big Goal

Many people start their fundraising initiatives by posting on social media or sending out a mass e-mail or text to everyone in their contact book. While this will get some donors, it is important to personalize and get specific! Reach out to those who you know won’t say no, including family members, close friends, and previous donors. Remember to be specific in your donation requests and ask everyone to donate a small amount that will amount to your desired goal. For example, if you ask fifteen people to donate $5 this will amount to your $75 dollar minimum fundraising goal, but by asking only five more people donate, you’ll be raising $100! When you break down your fundraising into ‘bite-sized’ pieces, a large fundraising goal seems much more manageable.


4)    Get Out in Your Community

Sometimes simply asking for a donation does not work, and when you’ve exhausted all of your go-to donors for their generous funds, you need a new approach. Getting out into your community and finding odd jobs that your neighbours need help with can really add up! Try walking dogs, cleaning pools, mowing lawns or have a yard sale in exchange for a Brave T.O. donation.

Canadian Tire Brave T.O. is all about making great memories and having fun! By following these simple tips you’ll be putting the ‘FUN’ in fundraising in no time!

Help support life-saving care at Scarborough and Rouge Hospital on Saturday, September 30th, and experience an obstacle course inspired by our city’s first responders. Check back often and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for upcoming announcements, including NEW obstacles, more tips, and race details.

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