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Incentives & Perks

All of our daring racers deserve a little something other than bragging rights to show for their amazing accomplishments. Along with the race day goodies, we want to show our appreciation for each and every fundraising milestone you reach!

Each and every dollar raised translates to crucial parts of our hospital that we are able to upgrade. How many people get to say they raised a wheelchair’s worth of money for SRH? See below for various fundraising milestones and what that dollar amount translates to in our hospital more importantly what we will give YOU for reaching every milestone!

Raise Impact Receive
$150 - $249 This amount can go towards the purchase of a new wheelchair! COMING SOON!
$250-$499 With $300 we are able to purchase a new IV pole and with $350 a new biopsy needle! COMING SOON!
$500-$999 With $500 hospital patients can recover on a new bed mattress! COMING SOON!
$1000+ $1,100 will provide a new infant bassinet for a tiny human! COMING SOON!