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Q: What is Brave T.O.?

A: Brave T.O. is an obstacle course race in support of and organized by Scarborough and Rouge Hospital Foundation. It is designed to simulate the obstacles our city’s brave first responders face on a daily basis and throughout their training.

Q: What do you mean by Beat The Best?

A: Before civilians get to run the course, our brave first responders will have an opportunity to run the course and set the times to beat. Then it’s your turn to try and Beat The Best.

Q: How do I register?

A: Visit our Registration page to get started.

Q: What ages can participate?

A: Anyone! We encourage people of all ages and fitness levels to come out. Visit the Upcoming Event Information section for more information. Racers under the age of 12 must race with an adult.

Q: What does my entry fee include?

A: Your entry fee includes:

  1. Canadian Tire Brave T.O. Race t-shirt
  2. Exclusive Finisher Award
  3. Sponsor swag
  4. Post race celebration in Morningside Park
  5. That awesome feeling you get when you know you’ve helped support your community

[Additional finisher award information coming soon]

Q: Are teams allowed?

A: YES! But don’t worry if you’re competing as an individual your fellow racers will help you complete team-based challenges.

Q: How many people can join my team?

A: Teams can be as small as or as big as you like! There is no maximum size.

Q: How long will the course take to complete?

A: Approximately 45 60 minutes.

Q: Are spectators allowed?

A: YES! Spectators are encouraged to come and cheer on the racers for free in the Finishers Village.

Q: How do I race for $1?

A: If you are able to raise the fundraising minimum for Scarborough and Rouge Hospital Foundation, you will be able to race for $1. If you are able to fundraise only a portion of the fundraising minimum the difference will be charged to the credit card on file.

The $1 authorization fee you paid at registration will be credited as a self-donation towards your personal fundraising goal.

Q: Is the race timed?

A: YES! Every group and wave is timed except for our 3K Friendly Wave. Each racer will receive an individual and team time (if applicable). Finish times will be measured against the standards set in our First Responders Wave.

Q: How are team times calculated?

A: Team times will be calculated using the average of the first four finishers' times.

Q: What do we do when we arrive on race day?

A: Arrival time will be dependent on your wave selected. A recommended arrival time will be shared via email with you before race day.

Q: What is the Fundraising Minimum Breakdown?


Price $65 $65 $75 $75 $80 $80 $80 $90
Q: Where do we access results and photos?

A: Results and photos will become available on this website following the race.

Q: Is there a penalty for not completing an obstacle?

A: Yes. If you are unable to complete an obstacle, you must do 10 burpees before moving on to the next stage of the race.

Q: I would like to volunteer for this event. How do I register?

A: Visit our Register page to get started as a volunteer!

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