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Meet the Departments

Doctors, patients, nurses and staff members from all three sites of Scarborough and Rouge Hospital, Birchmount, General and Centenary, will come together to race in the annual Brave T.O. obstacle course.

Not only do our hospital staff know how to provide the best care for each unique patient, they know better than anyone what equipment is needed to do so. Let’s face it medical equipment is expensive. This is where the power of our community comes in: each and every person has the power to make a huge difference! Please join our staff in the effort to raise thousands of dollars for their departments!

Please click the various departments to learn more about the fourteen key areas at SRH you can support:

Women’s and Children’s Health

womensandchildrens-braveto.jpg womensandchildrens-braveto.jpg

With close to 5,000 deliveries each year, the hospital’s Maternal Newborn and Child Care (MNCC) Program has an excellent reputation for high-quality care in a culturally sensitive atmosphere. The Program offers specialized services delivered by a team of experts who provide compassionate care for our young patients and their families.

We are focused on making each patient’s stay as safe and as comfortable as possible to bring a new life into our vibrant community.

Your donation will support the purchase of sleeper chairs and other essential items staff use to provide comfort and care to newborns and their mothers.

These will impact our patients by:

-Supporting persons during labour and postpartum so that partners can stay overnight to assist new mothers

-Promoting kangaroo care in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for new mother's to spend precious time bonding with their premature and sick newborns

-Allowing family members to stay overnight wit their children in our inpatient paediatric population

-Providing a comfortable sleep space for caregivers and or a support person for admitted patients

EQUIPMENT GOAL: Sleeper Chairs
COST: $10,000

Visit the official program team page - Baby Steps to join the team or donate towards the goal!

Surgery and Ambulatory Care

surgery-braveto.jpg surgery-braveto.jpg

At Scarborough and Rouge Hospital, the Surgery and Ambulatory Care Department provides a wide range of vital services across the three sites to offer high-quality care for all patients in our community.

The talented surgeons support all departments at SRH and they take immense pride in providing personalized and timely care for all patients in various areas.

Of note, we offer surgical treatment for various cancers, working closely with an interdisciplinary team to ensure proper detection and prevention services. Some other patient program divisions include dental, ear, nose and throat, gynecology, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, plastic surgery, urology and vascular surgery.

Your donation will support improvements to our surgical department that will aid our talented staff in providing the best care for each patient.

GOAL: Educational and professional development opportunities for staff to further develop their skillset in order to bring the best care possible to patients.
COST: $10,000

Visit the official program team page - Smooth OperatORs to join the team or donate towards the goal!


pharmacy-braveto.JPG pharmacy-braveto.JPG

At Scarborough and Rouge Hospital, Pharmacy Services ensures safe and effective drug therapy for each individual patient We endeavour to provide the highest possible quality of pharmaceutical care to the patient through individual patient consultation, teaching and working collaboratively with the patient and other health care professionals.

In the hospital, a prescriber must manually write every medication ordered for a patient on a chart prior to being processed by the Pharmacy and administered by the nurse. Our current system is paper-based and very inefficient. The new scanning system will allow the unit clerk to transmit the patient’s medication order to the pharmacist for review and authorization in real time thus eliminating unnecessary delays. Medication can be prepared and administered to the patient in a more timely manner allowing us to provide fast and efficient service, which is critical in providing the best care possible for patients.

EQUIPMENT: Electronic Scanning System
COST: $129,000

Visit the official program team page - Indispensables to join the team or donate towards the goal!

CKD Nephrology

nephrology-braveto.JPG nephrology-braveto.JPG

Bridletowne Neighbourhood Centre (proposed kidney disease management hub)

Issue: Scarborough is a kidney disease hot zone and it is becoming more and more difficult for SRH to meet the demand for dialysis services. This problem will worsen over the next decade as the Scarborough population gets larger and older.

Solution: Build a centre in the Bridletowne neighbourhood of Scarborough to expand dialysis treatment. The centre, which will be built in partnership with the YMCA of Greater Toronto, has received enthusiastic support from the provincial government and other stakeholders. The partnership with the YMCA will allow the centre to provide an integrated suite of services embracing not only disease diagnosis, treatment, and management but also educational and other programs for promoting disease prevention and healthy lifestyles.

COST: 6.6 million


cardiology-braveto.JPG cardiology-braveto.JPG

As the designated cardiac centre for the Scarborough-Durham area, Scarborough and Rouge Hospital’s cardiac care program is home to the most comprehensive range of cardiac serv ices across the region. Every day here at our hospital, our highly-qualified and experienced staff deliver excellent cardiac care to patients from local and surrounding communities.

Here at Scarborough and Rouge Hospital, we provide many non-invasive tests to determine how well your heart is working. These tests use images and data to diagnose heart diseases, see the effects caused by a heart attack, and monitor how chronic heart patients are doing. Cardiac diagnostics is a vital part of figuring out when you may need further cardiac treatments or interventions.

EQUIPMENT: New patient rehabilitation equipment
COST: $70,000

Visit the official program team page - Cardiac Rehab to join the team or donate towards the goal!

Laboratory Services

laboratory-braveto.jpg laboratory-braveto.jpg

Laboratorians at Scarborough Rouge Hospital produce millions of medical tests on blood, body fluids and tissues. The results of these tests provide information to physicians and other health care professionals aiding in diagnosis, treatment and treatment monitoring of the patient. Up to 85% of all clinical decisions are based on laboratory testing data.

Your donation will support crucial improvements to our lab department that will aid our talented staff in providing the best care possible for each patient.

EQUIPMENT: Infrastructure upgrades across all sites
COST: $10,000

Visit the official program team page - Team Hi-Test to join the team or donate towards the goal!

Critical Care and Respiratory Services

criticalcare-braveto.JPG criticalcare-braveto.JPG

At Scarborough and Rouge Hospital, the Critical Care and Respiratory Services Program has a dedicated inter-professional team (physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, dieticians, physiotherapists, social workers, occupational therapists, personal support workers) who provide complex critical care to our patients. Critical Care is the branch of medicine concerned with diagnosing and managing life-threatening conditions and supports the Regional Nephrology/Dialysis, Vascular and Cardiac Program.

At SRH our focus is to deliver high quality care in partnership with our patients and families during their acute stay. Your donation will support crucial renovations to our department that will aid our talented staff in providing the best care possible for each patient.

EQUIPMENT: Hospital beds
COST: $10,000

Visit the official program team page - ICU At the Finish Line to join the team or donate towards the goal!

Emergency Care

edmedicine-braveto.JPG edmedicine-braveto.JPG

Scarborough and Rouge Hospital has a full-service Emergency Department (ED) at each of its sites open 24/7. Once admitted, care is provided by an inter-professional health care team, including nurses, social workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, pharmacists, dieticians, speech and language pathologists, hospitalist physicians and other subspecialists. It truly takes a village!

Your donation will contribute towards the purchase of a bladder scanner - an essential piece of equipment in our department that will help reduce downtime and will aid our talented staff in providing the best care possible for each patient.


GOAL: BladderScan Prime
COST: $13,000

Visit the official program team pages - Rouge ER (Centenary) , Emergency (General) and Super Vital Team (Birchmount) to join the team or donate towards the goal!

Volunteer Services

volunteer-braveto.JPG volunteer

The volunteer program is an essential part of the culture at Scarborough and Rouge Hospital (SRH). Our team of volunteers represents our diverse urban community and each individual brings unique skills, talents and creative energy to the program to promote a culture of patient and family centred care. Volunteers play a significant role to raise spirits, awareness within the community by being our front line ambassadors; a rewarding and satisfying experience for our volunteers.

Volunteers support SRH mission by providing volunteer support to patients, families and staff in an effort to achieve excellent patient care. Our community come to benefit from easier onsite navigation from our pathfinders, timely arrival to appointments by utilizing our Call Ahead for Volunteer Assistance program (CAVA), to volunteer organized events like Sunday Socials. Over 1500 active volunteers have contributed over 150,000 hours and filled over 300 clinical, support and fundraising services position in the 2016/17 fiscal year.

Your donation will support the purchasing of new uniforms for our volunteers as we rebrand and redesign our hospital’s new logo in the coming months.

GOAL: Improve patient care


The Cancer Care program prides itself in providing holistic care, treating patients throughout the entire journey from diagnosis, to surgery, through treatment, and onto supportive care and recovery. The program has expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of most common cancers, including breast, colorectal, lung, prostate and lymphoma.

GOAL: Parking Pass Program - We would like to provide parking passes for our extended Oncology Outpatient Programs as a gesture for the members of our community who return to the hospital to receive support throughout their journey.

Diagnostic Imaging

old-ultrasound.JPG new-ultrasound.JPG new-ultrasound.JPG

Diagnostic Imaging provides investigative or diagnostic tests and some therapeutic procedures. Investigative or diagnostic tests are performed to assist the patient’s physician diagnose or rule or out the presence of disease in the patient. In all cases, some form of energy is applied to the patient that results in the production of an “image” (or picture) that is reviewed or “read” by a Radiologist. The Radiologist utilizes their extensive medical expertise to render their impression of what they “see” on an image or series of images. This impression or “report” is used by the patient’s physician to treat their patient. Therapeutic procedures are performed to treat a patient’s condition. These procedures are often invasive, meaning that during the procedure some type of instrument, device or agent is inserted into the patient. The instrument, device or agent may or may not remain in the patient following the procedure. Generally speaking therapeutic procedures will only be performed following the completion of one or a series of investigate or diagnostic tests.

GOAL: New Ultrasound Machine

Visit the official program team pages - Diagnostic Destroyers (Centenary) and Diagnostic Imaging (General/Birch) to join the team or donate towards the goal!

Mental Health

Scarborough and Rouge Hospital provides mental health care services to support individuals and families affected by severe and persistent mental illness. The program’s community-based focus emphasizes the importance of helping our patients remain in the most appropriate environment (home or the community) to achieve their optimal level of well-being.

We offer inpatient and crisis services, and our outpatient programs are designed help patients transition with greater ease from hospital to the community and to reduce the stigma often associated with mental illness.

Visit the official program team page - Mental Health Program to join the team or donate towards the goal!

Senior's Health

As the population ages, more and more people in our community require specialized health care to meet their unique needs. Scarborough and Rouge Hospital offers a range of programs specifically focused on supporting the health and overall well-being of our more senior patients.

Care plans are developed in partnership with the interprofessional team, patients, their caregivers and their loved ones to ensure patients understand their care and receive the appropriate treatment, discharge and follow up care.

SRH also works collaboratively with other health care and community organizations to support patients after they leave the hospital and facilitate a smooth transition back home.

GOAL: Educational and professional development opportunities for staff to further develop their skillset in order to bring the best care possible to patients.

Visit the official program team page - Senior's Health to join the team or donate towards the goal!