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Meet the Departments

Doctors, patients, nurses and staff members from all three sites of Scarborough and Rouge Hospital, Birchmount, General and Centenary, will come together to race in the annual Brave T.O. obstacle course.

Not only do our hospital staff know how to provide the best care for each unique patient, they know better than anyone what equipment is needed to do so. Let’s face it medical equipment is expensive. This is where the power of our community comes in: each and every person has the power to make a huge difference! Please join our staff in the effort to raise thousands of dollars for their departments!

Please click the various departments to learn more about the nine key areas at SRH you can support:

Women’s and Children’s Health

womensandchildrens-braveto.jpg womensandchildrens-braveto.jpg

With close to 5,000 deliveries each year, the hospital’s Maternal Newborn and Child Care (MNCC) Program has an excellent reputation for high-quality care in a culturally sensitive atmosphere. The Program offers specialized services delivered by a team of experts who provide compassionate care for our young patients and their families.

We are focused on making each patient’s stay as safe and as comfortable as possible to bring a new life into our vibrant community.

Your donation will support the purchase of medical equipment such as baby warmers, fetal monitors and other essentials staff use to provide comfort and care to newborns and their mothers.


Surgery and Ambulatory Care

surgery-braveto.jpg surgery-braveto.jpg

At Scarborough and Rouge Hospital, the Surgery and Ambulatory Care Department provides a wide range of vital services across the three sites to offer high-quality care for all patients in our community.

The talented surgeons support all departments at SRH and they take immense pride in providing personalized and timely care for all patients in various areas.

Of note, we offer surgical treatment for various cancers, working closely with an interdisciplinary team to ensure proper detection and prevention services. Some other patient program divisions include dental, ear, nose and throat, gynecology, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, plastic surgery, urology and vascular surgery.

Your donation will support improvements to our surgical department that will aid our talented staff in providing the best care for each patient.



pharmacy-braveto.JPG pharmacy-braveto.JPG

At Scarborough and Rouge Hospital, Pharmacy Services ensures safe and effective drug therapy for each individual patient We endeavour to provide the highest possible quality of pharmaceutical care to the patient through individual patient consultation, teaching and working collaboratively with the patient and other health care professionals.

Your donation will support crucial improvements to our pharmacy department that will aid our talented staff in providing the best care possible for each patient.


CKD Nephrology

nephrology-braveto.JPG nephrology-braveto.JPG

The Integrated Dialysis Care (IDC) program is an innovative partnership between Scarborough and Rouge Hospital (SRH) and Carefirst Seniors and Community Services Association. IDC supports patients and caregivers in the hospital’s Regional Nephrology Program who are receiving home-based peritoneal dialysis.

Carefirst’s team of specially trained health-care providers work in collaboration with a patient’s primary nurse at SRH to ensure they are able to continue living in the community with an optimal quality of life. The IDC program aims to:

  1. Improve patient, caregiver, and provider experiences
  2. Increase uptake and use of peritoneal dialysis
  3. Enhance quality of life for patients and caregivers
  4. Increase access for patients and caregivers to other health and social support services

At Scarborough and Rouge Hospital, we are committed to Patient and Family Centred Care (PFCC), which is a philosophy that embraces in-centre and community-based health-care professionals working together with patients and their families to plan, deliver, evaluate, and improve care.


Cardiology and Oncology

cardiology-braveto.JPG cardiology-braveto.JPG

As the designated cardiac centre for the Scarborough-Durham area, Scarborough and Rouge Hospital’s cardiac care program is home to the most comprehensive range of cardiac serv ices across the region. Every day here at our hospital, our highly-qualified and experienced staff deliver excellent cardiac care to patients from local and surrounding communities.

Here at Scarborough and Rouge Hospital, we provide many non-invasive tests to determine how well your heart is working. These tests use images and data to diagnose heart diseases, see the effects caused by a heart attack, and monitor how chronic heart patients are doing. Cardiac diagnostics is a vital part of figuring out when you may need further cardiac treatments or interventions.


Laboratory Services

laboratory-braveto.jpg laboratory-braveto.jpg

Laboratorians at Scarborough Rouge Hospital produce millions of medical tests on blood, body fluids and tissues. The results of these tests provide information to physicians and other health care professionals aiding in diagnosis, treatment and treatment monitoring of the patient. Up to 85% of all clinical decisions are based on laboratory testing data.

Your donation will support crucial improvements to our lab department that will aid our talented staff in providing the best care possible for each patient.


Critical Care and Respiratory Services

criticalcare-braveto.JPG criticalcare-braveto.JPG

At Scarborough and Rouge Hospital, the Critical Care and Respiratory Services Program has a dedicated inter-professional team (physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, dieticians, physiotherapists, social workers, occupational therapists, personal support workers) who provide complex critical care to our patients. Critical Care is the branch of medicine concerned with diagnosing and managing life-threatening conditions and supports the Regional Nephrology/Dialysis, Vascular and Cardiac Program.

At SRH our focus is to deliver high quality care in partnership with our patients and families during their acute stay. Your donation will support crucial renovations to our department that will aid our talented staff in providing the best care possible for each patient.


Emergency Care and Medicine

edmedicine-braveto.JPG edmedicine-braveto.JPG

At Scarborough and Rouge Hospital, the Medicine Program provides both inpatient and outpatient services, which supports a patient-centered approach to acute care. SRH also has a full-service Emergency Department (ED) at each of its sites open 24/7. Once admitted, care is provided by an inter-professional health care team, including nurses, social workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, pharmacists, dieticians, speech and language pathologists, hospitalist physicians and other subspecialists. It truly takes a village!

Your donation will support services in our department that will aid our talented staff in providing the best care possible for each patient.


Volunteer Services

volunteer-braveto.JPG volunteer

The volunteer program is an essential part of the culture at Scarborough and Rouge Hospital (SRH). Our team of volunteers represents our diverse urban community and each individual brings unique skills, talents and creative energy to the program to promote a culture of patient and family centred care. Volunteers play a significant role to raise spirits, awareness within the community by being our front line ambassadors; a rewarding and satisfying experience for our volunteers.

Volunteers support SRH mission by providing volunteer support to patients, families and staff in an effort to achieve excellent patient care. Our community come to benefit from easier onsite navigation from our pathfinders, timely arrival to appointments by utilizing our Call Ahead for Volunteer Assistance program (CAVA), to volunteer organized events like Sunday Socials. Over 1500 active volunteers have contributed over 150,000 hours and filled over 300 clinical, support and fundraising services position in the 2016/17 fiscal year.

Your donation will support the purchasing of new uniforms for our volunteers as we rebrand and redesign our hospital’s new logo in the coming months.