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We are fundraising in support of for the Scarborough and Rouge Hospital

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Canadian Tire Brave T.O. 2018

In memory of Ziggy
In memory of Ziggy

Ziggy's Angels

Help us support life-saving care at Scarborough and Rouge Hospital. On Saturday, September 29th, we will be participating in Canadian Tire Brave T.O; a new breed of obstacle course inspired by our city’s courageous first responders. Our team will get to experience challenges faced by Toronto’s police, paramedics, and firefighters – and we need your help to make it a success!

Please support our team members in this exciting event and help us reach our personal fundraising goals! Your donation will help Scarborough and Rouge Hospital purchase new life-saving equipment and support capital projects.

Want to race with us? Sign up today and get in on the fun! Visit www.brave.to for details.

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